October 10, 2017

DIY toddler shark costume

Hallowe'en is around the corner and I thought I'd share some inspiration for a toddler costume!  I always liked Hallowe'en as a holiday, but now I like it even better after having kids. It's so fun to have them dress up and see them having fun with the whole thing!  Last year, my daughter was really into sharks so I made her a shark costume.  It is pretty easy to do, all you need is:

  • a grey hoodie
  • grey pants
  • black felt
  • grey felt
  • white felt
  • a small amount of stuffing
  • sewing supplies and ideally a sewing machine

While you need a sewing machine for this project, I have to say that my sewing skills are super-basic (I can sew to straight pieces of fabric together, yay!) and I could do this, so don't be intimidated if your sewing skills aren't super advanced.

 There are three things you need to sew on the hoodie and that's it.

1) Cut out enough white felt into little a strip of "v" shaped teeth.  My felt was 8x10, so I cut out two strips.  Then sew the strip(s) onto the inside of the hood.

2) Cut out two white felt circles and two smaller black felt circles, and sew them on to either side of the hood.  These are the eyes.  The white circle gets sewed on first and then the black circle is sewed on top of that for the iris.

3) Cut out two fin shaped pieces of grey felt.  Sew the two outer sides together and turn the fin inside out then stuff it with stuffing so that it gives the fin a little bit of dimension.  Finally, sew the third side onto the hoodie.

And you're all set! Pair it with a pair of grey or black pants if you like to finish off the look. All in all, this took me about an hour to do, and again, I'm no wiz at the sewing machine.

Happy Hallowe'en!

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