January 20, 2015

spray it back to life

Before my daughter was born, I'd been in a bit of nesting, crafty mode.  I guess it happens around that time. :)  So, along with the multitude of other projects I gave Mr. A, I also asked him to spray paint some household items I thought could use some freshening up so that they could be put to good use again.  It's amazing what you can accomplish with a can of white spray paint.

We turned this lamp, which had a 70s-vibe base, into this lovely lamp that can be used in a guest bedroom or girl's room:

We turned this thrifted bassinet stand into a white one that looks quite shiny and new now:

And finally, my personal favourite, we gave this candle holder a bit of added interest, but only painting it white on the outside and leaving the original metallic finish on the inside, and are now using it to hold cotton balls in our bathroom vanity:

Hope you're having a lovely day!  And before you write something off, think about whether a quick coat of white (or any other colour) of paint could give it a second life. :)



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