December 25, 2014

DIY maternity jeans

We're expecting!

I'm over the moon and less than a month away from our due date.

During the last 8 months or so, there came a time, I think around the 5 month mark where I couldn't just wear my regular jeans unbuttoned with a bella band.  I had to get maternity jeans.  Problem was none of the ones I tried on at the store were that comfortable and I didn't feel like shelling out top dollar for a so-so pair of jeans.  Then my mom had a brilliant idea: why not take an old pair of jeans I already owned but didn't wear that often and turn them into maternity jeans?!

So that's what we did.  Now, if you have mad sewing skills you can do this yourself, but this was too complex for me, so I took the jeans to our tailor next door and asked him to make them up.  I took a pair of real maternity jeans with me as a guide of what we wanted, picked out the stretchy fabric part out of his stash of discarded fabric, and presto! two days later I had my maternity jeans ready to go and at a fraction of the cost of new maternity jeans.  Best part was they were comfortable because they were my own jeans!



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