October 08, 2013

smarter food

Every time Mr. A and I take a roadtrip, a big bag of SmartFood comes along with us.  It's kind of become a tradition.  

Recently, Mr. A had a brilliant thought: we could make our own SmartFood!  He already had an amazing base recipe to start from, and now all we needed to do was grate some tasty aged cheddar onto it.

(Note: It was hard to capture this in photos since the grated aged cheddar was basically the same colour as the popcorn and I'm not super-fancy with the camera work.)  Here's my best attempt:

So, here are the steps to some super delicious, really healthy (what we like to call 'Smarter Food') popcorn:

1) Make the popcorn: check out our recipe here

2) Finely grate about 1 cup of aged cheddar:

3) Drizzle it over the top of your popcorn (do it in layers - ie. popcorn, cheese, popcorn, cheese, and so and so forth - and do it while the popcorn is still piping hot)

4) Eat immediately and smile away.  We also paired it with a bottle of old-fashioned cream soda that we happily shared.


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