June 26, 2013

what's taking so long?

Fact:  Everything always took alot longer to bake in our oven than what was mentioned in the recipe.  I sometimes had to put things in the oven again to bake for another 20-30 mins, sometimes more.

Fact: Many of the things we baked were just a bust.  They would never full cook/bake up.

Fiction:  The temperature on our oven display.

Fact: If this sounds familiar to you, you may need a new tool.

Background:  While we were at a kitchen supply store to buy a mandolin, we decided to also pick up an oven thermometer.

We put in the oven, and turned it on to 350 F.  The oven display said 350 F.  We checked the oven thermometer, and lo and behold, it read 300 F.

Baking being an exact science and all, this was a problem.

So now we go by the oven thermometer, and things bake up as they should in the right amount of time.
Oven thermometers, so hot right now.

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