June 19, 2013

ah... paris

A couple of weeks ago Mr. A and I took a little trip to Paris.  We rented an apartment and scaled the city by foot, bike, bus and train.

It was amazing.  The weather was not so cooperative at times, but even that was an adventure (read: the Seine water levels were so high because of all the rain, parts of the pedestrian walkway by the river were impassable).

We ate scrumptious pastries, visited museums, strolled the streets and parks, and ate delicious food.  We even went to the market on Tuesday and Friday, the one nearby where we stayed (Marche Raspail).

I also got to speak French, which I rarely do at home.  It was one of my favourite things about the trip.  It reminded me that learning any language at a young at age is highly beneficial.

All in all it was a fantastic trip that I will remember for a long, long time.

this was the little neighbourhood where we stayed 
the apartment we stayed in

soft boiled eggs and sliced oranges for breakfast

the cheese stall at our neighbourhood market


...and veggies. everything looked so good!

Un Dimanche a Paris, one of Paris' most favourite pastry shops

the au lait, my go-to during snack hour

best crepe ever.

blue bike tours.  so! much! fun!

the steps from 'midnight in paris'... love that movie

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