May 08, 2013

avocado and red cabbage salad

I love salads.  If I've posted a bunch of salads, it's because I think they might actually be my favourite thing to have for lunch or dinner.

Here's a recap of the salads we've seen to date:
Tabouleh (love!)
Lentil-Cabbage salad (so good for you!)
Potato & cilantro salad (tasty!)
Greek salad (yum!)
Watermelon & feta salad (perfect for summer!)
Caprese (garden fresh tomatoes!)
Party salad (my first post!)

My latest is pretty simple, but the combination just makes me so happy.  The creamy avocado contrasts so well with the crunch of the red cabbage.

Here's the recipe!

Avocado and Red Cabbage Salad

Red leaf lettuce, washed, dried and cut up
Red cabbage, finely sliced
Avocado, cut up into 1/2 inch pieces
With dressing:
Olive Oil
White wine vinegar
Sea salt


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