April 13, 2013

baking essentials

Want to start baking? Here are the tools I'd say are a baker's essentials.

First, the hand tools:

measuring cups: a must because baking is a precise science
measuring spoons: ditto
large and small spatula: to scrape out all the good stuff
whisk: use to whisk dry ingredients, eggs, cream and more

The big tools:

muffin pan:  for muffins and cupcakes
loaf pan: for fast-baking breads like banana bread
mixing bowls: need small, medium and large. I got these ones at Williams Sonoma Outlet and I love them.

The flats:

baking sheet: for cookies, bark, scones and more. You probably already have one for roasting veggies.
wire rack: a key step is letting your baked goods cool when they come out of the oven. A wire rack allows the heat to reach all sides of your muffins, cookies, cupcakes etc.
silicon mat: so handy for cookies and scones.  They just slide right off of the mat so no sticking or scraping.

I got most of my tools at Crate&Barrel and as gifts.  I think I'll have them forever because they're all so great.  Definitely don't scrimp on the baking sheet.  Low quality ones tend to warp.

Do you have a baking tool you can't live without?  Leave a comment below and let me know what it is!

Happy weekend! and happy baking. :)

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