February 10, 2013

how to water an orchid

I thought I'd share this tip because we have two orchid plants and I finally figured out a fail-safe way of watering them.

As you may know, orchids need to be watered in a very particular way in order to keep well.  I've tried many different ways: submerging them with water every two weeks, misting them every couple of days, and finally the method I want to share with you today (which has worked the best):

Once a week, take 2 ice cubes and place them on the bark/soil part of the plant.  That's literally it!  Using this method I've had two more flowerings in 6 months.

ps. I'm usually the worst at watering plants.  So if you have any watering tricks with other flowers, please share them with me! :)


  1. OOh good idea! Also, how often do you recommend changing the bark chips, if ever? I know I'm probably due for a repotting on mine...

  2. I've never changed the bark chips before. It sounds terrifying. Let me know how it goes if you end up repotting. Good luck! :)