October 30, 2012

happy subtle halloween

Want to get into the spirit of Halloween without donning a costume head to toe?  The solution: Halloween earrings.  I made my own Halloween earrings at home in about 10 minutes.  Here's how:

Here's what I used:
-an skeleton necklace I bought from the dollar store for a dollar
-old drop earrings
-glue gun

I cut two of the skeletons off of the necklace, leaving enough string to tie the skeletons unto my drop earrings.

After I tied the skeletons unto my earrings, I cut off the extra string and then placed a dollop of glue unto the end of the string (to secure it) with the glue gun.  This will prevent the knot we used to tie the string onto the earring from coming apart.

And that's it!  You're ready to rock your spooky earrings.  Happy Halloween! :)

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