October 15, 2012

6 true things

Mr. A and I took an RV trip across the USA and got back yesterday.  We saw some awesome sights, including Yellowstone Park and Mount Rushmore.  But more importantly  I was reminded that:

1 - I love our home.  I love my kitchen and my pillow and my closet.  I appreciate how spacious, comfortable and reliable they are.  After living in an RV for a week, our little kitchen feels giant, and it is.

2 - Warm water is amazing.

3 - Books on tape can be riveting.  We listened to The Drop and Locked On.  I preferred Locked On.

4 - Truck driving is a tough job.  Driving for hours on end all by yourself and sleeping in a tiny space in a dark rest area on the side of the highway.  I wonder if they listen to books on tape too.

5 - There are some places on this earth that are truly magnificent.  Yellowstone has alot of those places. Check this out.  That's the Grand Prismatic Geyser.  The steam drifted along towards us from time to time and it was like being wrapped up the warmest and lightest blanket ever.

6 - I'm so lucky.  I have the most patient and kind husband in the world.  I was even sick of me after being confined in a small space with myself for 20 hours, but Mr. A still loves me.

Here's a couple of more pics of the sights we saw:

Whitecliff Park, BC 
Somewhere in Montana

Yellowstone Park

Grand Prismatic Geyser, Yellowstone Park

Old Faithful, Yellowstone Park

Mount Rushmore

Baha'i House of Worship, Chicago

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