September 28, 2012

tomato pincushion

I finally broke out the sewing machine after a whole summer!  And with a little help (ok, alot of help) from my Mom (thanks Mom!), I made a tomato pincushion.

You can check out Martha Stewart for step by step instructions and different tomato varieties.  I made the heirloom tomato variety.

I started with a piece of fabric that I cut into a circle.  The technique to get it into a ball-ish shape is to do a staight stitch and then gather the stitch up so that it bunches up the fabric.

Then I added the stuffing and gathered up the stitch even more.

After gathering it up all the way, we punched in the "stem" back into the tomato.

I cut pieces of ribbon to make the tomato leaves.

And sewed them on...

Et voila!

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