May 14, 2012

pillow talk

Making your own decorative pillow is so much fun.  You can get as creative as you want and use pretty much any type of fabric you have on hand.

Here's the one I made, and I'll show you how I did it.

You'll need some basic tools, like pins, fabric pencil, good fabric scissors, and of course a sewing machine.

I used two old sweaters and layer them flat on top of each other and then drew out the lines using a ruler and a fabric pencil.

Then I pinned the two pieces of fabric together.

And sewed them together.

Here's what I ended up with:

The other side:

I then cut the extra fabric around the edges.

I turned the pouch inside out and pinned on my decorate flowers.  These were taken off of another old shirt.

Once I was done with the pinning and I liked how the design looked, I hand-sewed each flower onto the pillow case.

I then stuffed the case with batting.  Make sure to get the batting well-dispersed and into the corners before we sew up the final side of the pillow.  Moving the batting around after you've sewed the pillow shut is challenging.

After getting the batting into the pillow the way I wanted, I sewed the pillow closed.  This is also a bit challenging because the pillow is quite bulky by then so getting it under the sewing needle is tough.  Next time, I plan on leaving a bit more fabric at the top edge so that it is easier to sew together at the end.

And voila!

You have yourself a very, one of a kind, decorate pillow for  your chair or coach.

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