March 31, 2012

best popcorn ever

Mr. A makes this popcorn and it's the best I've ever had.

It's fresh and he uses coconut oil and sea salt.

The house smells like coconut when he's making it, which I love.  But fear not, the popcorn doesn't taste like coconut.  Strange but true.

Here's the recipe!

Coconut & Sea Salt Homemade Popcorn
by tartsandcrafts

1 tbsp of coconut oil
1/2 cup corn kernels
1 tsp sea salt

Heat the oil in the pan over medium heat.  Carefully add the corn kernels.  Put the lid on the pot immediately, but leave it open a crack so that the steam can escape.  Every 30 seconds or so, shake the pot on top of the stove to make sure the kernels cook evenly.  Continue shaking even after the corns start to pop. Stop cooking once you can count 3 seconds between each corn popping.  Remove from heat and place popcorn in a bowl, season with sea salt and serve.

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