February 20, 2012

just peachy

I didn't make these tasty grilled peaches with feta, my husband did.  We went to the store and he picked up some canned peaches and proceeded to make our house smell like sweet sugary butter.

Here's all you'll need:

My husband is a mean griller.  He grills everything from steaks to asparagus, and everything turns out 100% pure delicious every time.  

The secret to his success is... well, I'm not sure, you'll have to ask him.  But I suspect it has something to do with patience.  I always try to flip things over before they're ready.  Mr. A placed the peaches onto our cast iron grill pan and covered them and waited.  And voila!  Perfectly grilled peaches, with nice grill-marks and everything!

Sprinkle some feta on top and you're got yourself a mouth-watering combination of sweet, salty, warm and juicy deliciousness.

Here's the recipe!

Grilled Peaches with Feta
by Chef Peggy

Canned or fresh, recipe peach halves
Feta cheese

Heat the skillet on med-high heat.  When it's hot, place the peach halves onto the skillet and cover.  When the peaches have grill-marks on one side (about 3 mins), flip and repeat.  Once the peaches have been grilled on both sides, crumble some feta on top on the side with the hollowed out pit area.
Wait 5 mins to cool down, and serve.




  1. I like the part where it has peaches

  2. This looks delicious! Perfect for summer peach season too.